Eclipse Plugin for JBurg

by Uhyon Chung


As the title says this is an Eclipse plugin for JBurg. It allows you to automatically run JBurg on a jburg specification file (files ending with .jburg) as soon as you save.

JBurg is a machine code generator used in the code generation phase. Status I just started the project on I started this project because I couldn't find any plugins for a nifty little tool called JBurg. The code is mainly based on ANTLR plugin. I just modified the portions that call into ANTLR and changed it to JBURG. Of course, the file extension used is .jburg as well.


JBurg is essentially a tree parser (of sorts), where it will take a parse tree (It doesn't work very well with ANTLR's automatically generated AST though) and matches rules (it only allows two children per node though) to the tree. Each rule has a cost associated with it, and it uses the cost to determine which rules to apply (since multiple rules can apply to a particular tree). You can read more about it in JBurg Site

Note : I use v0.8 of JBurg. The current version is v0.9. I haven't tested this plugin with v0.9 yet. I will when I get the time to do so. I also packaged the JBurg implentation within a single jar along with the plugin for convenience. Again, I'll fix this in the future.

If you have any questions you can contact me at :